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A annuities

If you need fast cash for annuity payments, you've come to the right place!

It is simple; you will sell your payments, also known as monthly payments, for cash in your hands right now. But don't worry, it doesn't have to be complicated. The process can be smooth from start to finish with our help. Just follow the steps below and get the financial help you need. After all, it's your money, and we will help you get it.

Selling Annuity Payments in 4 Easy Steps:

Decide if you need money right now, and what you will use it for.

Call today to get a free, no obligation estimate on how much money you can get for selling your annuities for cash.

We take care of the complicated details and legal paperwork for you. You don't need that stress.

Once it's approved, you'll have your money. That's it!

Get The Most Cash For Your Annuity Payments:

If you've recently lost your job, or your home is in need of desperate repair, Movie can help. Or, if you need to pay off some debts due to debt collectors calling, or if you want to buy a new car, we can help too. If you need to make an exchange for a lump sum of cash, we can guide you step-by-step.

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Experienced & Knowledgeable Brokers

Free Quotes On Structured Settlements & Annuities

Are you currently receiving future payments? Do annuity stipulations confuse you?

Such as: selling your future annuity payments and / or calculating the amount you'll get.

We agree selling your annuity can seem overwhelming and extremely confusing. To help you, we've posted some answers to the most cmmon issues and questions you might have. This can help you before you choose to sell your annuities. Also, remember, you don t have to sell it in its entirety, you can just sell a portion.

For faster service, call an annuity professional Right Now !!

How long does it take to cash out an annuity?

The time it takes is dependent upon many factors. The most important, of course, it finding annuity buyers for you to selling your annuity payments to. If you are strapped for time and need some cash right away, there is a pre-settlement option. We can discuss more about your options on the phone so we can properly explain the process of selling and answer your questions

Where can I sell annuity payments?

Unfortunately, you just can't go to your local bank and cash in your annuity. You have to go to a company specializing in purchasing annuities

If you are looking to sell your annuity payments for an exchange of a lump sum of cash, call and get a free quote. Pre-settlement funding can be handled too (if your annuity will be the result of a settlement).

When you call the number on this page, you will be provided with the best and most efficient services for annuity sells and purchases. Be sure to consult with their experienced and professional staff before deciding to sell.

What should you look for?

A company that prides themselves on:

Expert annuity advisors and brokers.

Pre-settlement funding.

Providing customized services.

Secure and legal transactions.

Fast closings.

Years of experience.

Excellent customer service.

Best rates for annuity payments.

You might be wondering, how does the process work? How do I sell my annuity payments? It is pretty simple, but an expert will be there to walk you through each step to make sure everything is done right.

Pick the company you want to sell your annuity to.

Get your free quote.

Accept the quote.

Complete the required paperwork.

If your annuity was issued in the presence of a judge, a judge would need to oversee the selling of the annuity. If not, this step is skipped.

Receive your payment.

Warning: There is an aggressive marketing push to pressure people into selling their annuities when it may not be in their best interests. The Office of Personnel Management of the Federal Government issued a statement in June 2019 warning of such practices.

How much money will I receive in advance?

The amount of money you receive will be determined by the total worth of your annuity and how much of it you wish to sell. It comes down to the kind of annuity you have and which portion of it you are willing to yield.

Other factors may be taken into account when estimating your advance payment, such as: when the payments of your settlement are due, the annuity provider, and the amount of each payment.

Who would buy my annuity?

Many companies will advertise to buy your annuity in exchange for a lump sum of cash, but not all companies are the same regarding how much they will pay and the length and difficulty of the process to sell payment.

The Process of Selling:

Selling an annuity does not have to be the end of your retirement plan. Did you know that you can sell just a portion of your annuity today and save the rest for your golden years? Most companies will not tell you that option.

"Who will buy my annuity?"

Call for more information, and explain your current financial situation so the right advice can be given in terms of how much of your annuity you need to sell.

See also: Annuity Loan Companies.

Why do people sell their annuity payments?

There are many different and personal reasons why people might decide to sell their annuities. Each person has their motivation for needing to sell their future annuity payments for cash.

We've all had the experience of feeling, "I need money, and I need it now," brought on by a sudden financial emergency. These could be car trouble, home improvements, college tuition, medical fees, loss of a job, an investment opportunity, and many other reasons that you might have.

There is no set reason to sell annuity payments. There are no regulations or laws that dictate or specific conditions that people should meet to sell. If your intentions are legal, then you have the right to sell. Since you do not have to get a judge's approval to sell as you do with other payment options, the selling process is much smoother and far less stressful.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has an article regarding buying and selling annuities, which may be beneficial for you. Reference.

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How to know if I should sell my annuity payment?

Most people decide to sell their annuities because they have an immediate need for cash, and they cannot get money anywhere else. So they turn to their annuity settlements to fulfill their financial requirements right now.

Selling Your Annuity Payments

If you have lost your job, have serious medical bills, or have to make unexpected repairs in your home, then selling your annuity or sell a portion of your annuity can give you the breathing room you need or for the sake of your family's survival today .

Keep in mind that this is an important decision that only you can make because you are the only person who knows the real state of your finances. You also know how much you need and how it might affect your financial future if you decide to sell.

Learn how to sell annuities the right way, with the least amount of stress, and with the most cash in your hand at the end.

"Should I sell my annuity?" or "Do you want to sell your annuity for cash?"

If you are asking yourself these questions, then you should call to discuss your needs in a completely confidential manner and get a free quote.

I only need one of the payments from my annuity. Do I have to sell my whole annuity?

No, you don't have to sell the entire annuity if you only need one payment; your quote can be customized based on your financial situation and your financial needs. Selling just a portion of your annuity is an option that is done routinely. If you'd rather keep a part of your annuity, there is no problem with that, you can sell as much as you want, and by calling, you can get the best possible deal.

Understand that this time frame is NOT from the day you first call them. This is after you qualify, and your documents arrive in their office.

If you want better turnaround time, and more cash in your pocket, call!

I've lost my job, and I need money to cover some unexpected expenses. Is there a way I can quickly sell my annuity?

Selling your annuity can take from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on many variables.

If you call, you could qualify for a cash advance that will cover your expenses while the transaction is processed and approved.

You want to work with a company that treats its customers as a priority.

Call, and they'll do everything in their reach to speed the sale and make your money available to you as fast as possible.

I'm planning to make some renovations to my house. How much can I get for my annuity if I decide to sell it?

This varies according to the type of annuity you have, the payments you receive, the benefits it brings you, and many other factors that are involved in selling your annuity.

Call and get your free quote to find out how much you can receive as a lump sum for your particular annuity.

Is there any government protection for me when selling my annuities?

In the USA, most states have specific federal laws that protect you when selling a settlement or annuity. These laws usually require full disclosure agreements on both parties involved in the purchase and complete transparency of all the terms of the sale. This includes the discount rate, the number of payments, and any charged interest fees. That said, you do not need a judge's approval to sell your annuity.

Annuity buyers guarantee legality and security; they won't even try to purchase your annuity without following all legal rules and regulations. And in most cases, there is no need for court approval to sell your annuity.

According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), annuities are NOT FDIC insured. Reference.

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